Friday, 22 May 2015

a wife of paraplegic man

Alhamdulillah, done with all fours seminars for this week. Hectic. Tapi selalu pujuk diri, don't put a limit and treshold for yourself because i'm afraid i can't go through the bigger challenge awaiting me after this. Robbi yassir wa la tu'assir.

I love to share about my seminar of Islamic Input In Orthopaedic (Triple IO) on Monday. It's about munkahat. The question is about a paraplegic man with sexual dysfunction dealing with his life after marriage (paraplegic= Complete paralysis of lower half  body including both legs atau bahasa mudah stroke 2 kaki).

They also invite Ustaz Dr Hasbullah to guide us in some issues related with fiqah. After present, ustaz Hasbullah will comment and add up some more informative things. I love this words; 'Akad nikah is not only a contract between husband and wife, but also a contract with Allah. So, this why munakahat is one of the sunnah and 'ibadah, It's about halal, haram, sunnah, makruh and harus. And also, marriage is not only about love, but marriage is about making ummah". 

Nikah is the most highest tawakkal. From know nothing to share everything with him or her. But what's so special about nikah is a touch of hand during 'akad, Allah naturally give the feeling of sakinah, mawaddah wa rahmah for a married couple. This is why the word Islam itself means salim (safety). Marriage provide safety, calmness for married couple. It's not only to fullfill the fitrah, but also to provide safety until jannah"

Ok, regarding this case, how about the fate of her wife? Either she choose to be loyal as Rahmah, the wife of Prophet Ayub? Or she deserved for her own better life and children? The choice is on the wife. But Islam always provide alternatives. Syari'ah has its Islamic Family Act which are; fasakh and khuluk. 

So, what is fasakh and what is khuluk? Thanx Najihah Abu Bakar, a Muslimah lawyer to be :)

Isteri mangsa MH370 tu pun boleh minta fasakh based on undang2 ni. Islam itu sangat memahami, sangat adil. This is the beauty of Islam.