Thursday, 2 August 2012

what if this is my last Ramadhan?

What if this is my last Ramadhan,
i should spend this Ramadhan maximizely,
don't know wrongs with me,
from Ramadhan to Ramadhan,
time of the time with same story,
i should pray a lot and read a lot of Quran,
and change my life to good one,
instead i feel so shamed to myself,
how could i let Ramadhan go just like that,

i cannot escape this opportunity of Ramadhan,
escape without making a real difference in my life,
what if i don't get another Ramadhan,
what if this is my last Ramadhan,
Ya Allah, forgive me in the last moment of the blessed month,
for indeed i haven't worshipped You as You deserved to be worshipped

A man who decides to change on 12th dies on the 11th hour. Na'uzubillah min zalik.

Jumu'ah mubarakah.. Read Al Kahfi and make du'a a lot. There's a special time along this day that Allah will answer the du'a of His slaves..